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Fort Plain raises school lunch prices for grades K-3 to coincide with federal regulations

The Fort Plain Central School District Board of Education voted to increase the cost of lunch for students in kindergarten through third grade by 30 cents at its regular meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 14. Lunch will now cost $1.80 for all grades in the district.

Breakfast costs will remain the same.

The increase coincides with the federal Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act which mandates schools to serve healthier food starting in the fall. The act also requires districts to maintain their paid school lunch prices on an equitable level with the free and reduced lunch reimbursements from the federal National Food Service Program.

The requirement – referred to as the “Paid Lunch Equity” rule – state that the price of a school lunch paid for students will be at least the difference between the federal reimbursement rate for a free and paid lunch. Right now, the difference is $2.51 a meal.

“The increases in lunch prices are a part of the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act because the government is trying to make sure that schools are spending enough money on school lunches,” said food service director Lauri Dahlin.

“Hardly any districts charge $2.51, but many have systems in place to increase lunch prices to that. Unless the reimbursement rates change, the price of a school lunch will continue to rise.

The new nutritional standards require schools to offer fruits and vegetables every day of the week, serve only fat-free and low-fat milk varieties, and include a minimum amount of whole grains. The rules also set calorie limits for students based on grade level.

The standards represent just one of the five major components of the act championed by the First Lady Michelle Obama as part of her Let’s Move! health and wellness campaign. The goal of the program is to combat childhood obesity and teach children healthy eating habits.

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