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Fort Plain and Canajoharie boards of education continue to pursue shared services

The boards of education from Fort Plain and Canajoharie Central Schools will continue to pursue shared services.

Leaders from both districts agreed to do so following an endorsement from voters in Fort Plain who think the two districts should merge.

In an exit poll during the school budget vote on May 21, Fort Plain voters were also asked if the district should pursue a merger with Canajoharie. A total of 92 voters (or 62 percent) agreed that the district should look into a merger. Canajoharie did not conduct an exit poll.

The two districts currently share a food services manager and will soon begin the transition to a central business office along with the newly formed Oppenheim Ephratah-St. Johnsville Central School District. Fort Plain and Canajoharie also share sports programs such as swimming, wrestling, and cross-country.

“Sharing services not only saves the districts money in the long run, but can also give us opportunities to possibly offer additional courses for students,” said Superintendent Douglas Burton.

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