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About 100 attend Call to Action rallyrally

About 100 people from around the area attended a Call to Action rally on school funding inequities on Monday, March 18, in the Canajoharie High School auditorium.

Hosted by the “Our Students Matter Too!” advocacy group, the event included information about the unequal distribution of school aid in New York State, and how residents canSchool funding rally advocate for schools.

Sen. Cecilia Tkaczyk could not attend but sent a letter that detailed how much money schools in New York State have lost since 2010. It also asked for a reallocation of grant money that would go toward fixing the Gap Elimination Adjustment.

After an introduction by Canajoharie Superintendent Deborah Grimshaw, a student from Canajoharie read the speech, "Educate Me," written by Elizabeth Ruddy, a senior who graduated from Madrid-Waddington High School in northern New York.

"Our country is based on the principle of equal rights for all, so I don’t think it’s too much to ask for equality in educational funding," the student read. "It isn’t fair that the size of my graduating class should have an impact on the opportunities available to me."

Mrs. Grimshaw went on to tell the audience that the funding formula for school aid in New York state is broken and, as a community, they can take three steps to help, which include: Become informed about schools and issues in the Mohawk Valley region; Make a contact with a local legislator and write a letter; and Get involved.

Fort Plain Central School District Superintendent Douglas Burton said that in poor districts such as his, the district has a limited capacity to raise money through taxes and is more dependent on state aid.

"We need everyone to realize the problem," he said. "Don't keep making us chip away so that our students don't have choices."

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