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Governor grants extension of property tax payment deadline in Fort Plain

 In an executive order, Gov. Andrew Cuomo granted an extension of the property tax payment deadline in Fort Plain by 21 days because of the property damage following the flooding on June 28.

Residents now have until Oct. 23 to pay their taxes without penalties or interest. The original due date was Oct. 2.

The governor granted extensions to certain districts within 16 counties including Montgomery, Herkimer and Oneida.

Fort Plain Central School District Superintendent Douglas C. Burton sent a letter to the governor asking for an extension after the board of education passed a resolution that directed him to write it at its regular meeting on Sept. 11. This marks the third time since 2006 the governor has granted an extension. The governor granted extension requests in 2006 and again in 2011.

Real Property Tax Law provides for an extension of the final date to pay taxes upon request and approval by the governor as a result of a state disaster emergency. Fort Plain sits within the area where the governor declared a state disaster emergency following the flooding. More than 200 properties sustained damaged during the flood.

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