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Fort Plain awarded $100,000 grant to strengthen teacher and leader effectiveness

 The State Education Department (SED) recently awarded the Fort Plain Central School District with a $100,000 Strengthening Teacher/Leader Effectiveness (STLE 3) grant, which allows it to create district-wide career ladders for teachers and principals. This third round of grant funding starts in March 2014 and runs through June 2015.

The career ladder - which is a process designed to formally progress a staff employee to a higher level of job responsibility within his/her current position - will provide staff with opportunities for professional development, additional duties and compensation.

District leaders project that the career ladder will support career opportunities for teachers in the form of two teacher coach positions, as well as a new form of compensation for teachers and principals such as tuition reimbursement.

The district currently has an informal career ladder in place, but the goals for the ladder are to:
• Improve student academic achievement;
• Increase status for teachers;
• Clarify teacher expectations;
• Improve and clarify teacher standards; and
• Promote teacher growth.

Under New York State’s Race to the Top application, the state committed to the creation of a teacher and principal career continuum to provide recognition and advancement for educators as they demonstrate increased performance.

According to SED, although career ladders should provide teachers and principals career advancement opportunities; they should also facilitate dialogue between teachers and principals, allowing them to share their expertise with colleagues to improve student achievement.

A key goal of career ladder opportunities is to attract or retain effective and highly effective educators in schools and therefore to improve the equitable distribution of educator talent.

The grant application was written in partnership with the Capital Region BOCES Grants & Development Service.

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