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Teachers from Fort Plain and Canajoharie earn crisis intervention instructor certification

 Fort Plain special education teacher Bob Bleichner and Canajoharie special education teacher Jennifer Schwabrow recently became certified instructors after attending a workshop on non-violent crisis intervention.

They can now teach the faculties in each district how to de-escalate a student crisis.

“The techniques they learned are helpful so we can help children who become emotional,” said Theodore Arndt, the special education director for both districts.

“We need to have the best possible management techniques so we can de-escalate situations before they become a problem.”

The four-day workshop included 32 hours of training. Mr. Arndt wanted to send the teachers because there were trainers in the district whose two-year certifications were about to expire.

According to CPI, the company that holds the trainings, participants learned some of the following:
• How to tailor program content to address workplace realities;
• Effective techniques for facilitating a group and methods to enhance adult learning;
• How to handle difficult questions and manage challenging participants; and
• How to develop proficiencies in teaching personal safety and physical intervention.

The training is also another example of the two districts sharing services and programs.

“We wanted to build an inter-district training team,” Mr. Arndt said.

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