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Harry Hoag students learned about Native American life

Third and fourth graders were treated to a visit from a Native Pride Dancer through the Bureau of Lectures Tuesday morning, Feb. 24. This Arts in Education program taught students about the beauty, symbolism and skill of Native American music, dance, and dress. The performance included traditional stories, musical styles and insight into the history of Native American life.

Feather Dancer began by telling students about his tribe, the Chocktaw. His lecture covered his tribes’ historical and modern lifestyle. Included in his discussion were stories about his culture. He also got students and teachers involved with the performance.

“Mr. Roberts offered an insightful and eye-opening experience of Native American culture. It is invaluable that our young generation of citizens learn about the people who lived here in the early days of the continent, and build the open-mindedness and tolerance necessary to be productive citizens in a global community,” said fourth-grade teacher Meagan Kane. Some of her students’ thoughts are below:

“I never knew that buffalo bones can protect you in battle.”- Jakub
“It’s interesting that women and men have their own calls.”- Amelia
“The freestyle dance was my favorite because Dancing Eagle went CRAZY!”-Kristin
“I enjoyed the bright colors of the outfit he was wearing.”- Gavin
“I liked the explanation of how the enemies stole the horses at their advantage.”-Kevin
“I liked how Dancing Eagle explained the story of the woodpecker and the flute.”-Natalie