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Recyclable Regatta

Fort Plain students students participate in 24th Annual Recyclable Regatta

Canajoharie and Fort Plain students participated in the 24th Annual Recyclabe Regatta June 10. The regatta is an activity for middle and high school technology students, who design and build full size boats that float on recyclable materials. The event took place at the Pangea Ponds on Mahr Rd. outside of Canajoharie.

Fort Plain brought 2 boats to the event, one being a High School level displacement vessel which earned Second Place in that division,  and one being a Middle School Bottle Buoyancy vessel which took Fourth Place.

The high school team was made up of Cody Burkhart and Kyle Rodeo who were awarded a trophy for best Craftsmanship and Quality. The middle school boat team was Keith Burkhart and Taylor Cruger who received a trophy for the Best Overall Boat because of its stability.

The activity allows Technology students to integrate concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Education into a hands-on design based project.

Students engineer and design a boat that will be able to carry their team safely during the half-mile regatta. Each boat typically uses 50 – 100 soda or detergent bottles to float teams of 1 – 4 students, and use human power. A judge looks over a boat before it is put in the water.

Judges scored the boats on the use of recyclables, craftsmanship, teamwork, appearance and speed.Concepts of the project include volume, displacement, buoyancy, mechanical systems, and management of material resources.

More than just mixing math and science for tabletop activities, this project applies technology and engineering to full size prototypes and not only helps students “get their feet wet,” but truly involves them in research, development and implementation of their studies.