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David W. Ziskin

Superintendent of Schools

25 High Street

Fort Plain, NY 13339




District Level Planning Team

 Membership, meetings, and purpose

      The District Level Planning Team is composed of The Superintendent of Schools; Jr./Sr. High School Principal; Harry Hoag Elementary School Principal;  four teachers, including the Teachers' Association President; a parent representative; a community/business representative;  head custodian; a Special Education representative; and a representative of the School Related Personnel Association.

     Meetings are held at least once a month. The public is welcome to attend. The next meeting is scheduled for

      The team's primary responsibility is the creation, review, and revision of of the Fort Plain Central School District's Comprehensive District Education Plan (CDEP).  For the complete text of the CDEP click on the link below:

CDEP pdf

District Level Planning Team Goals

1.  Reduce the percentage of classified students assigned to a self-contained environment.

2.  Increase the percentage of time the students assigned to a self-contained classroom spend in inclusive instructional environment.

3.  Each member of each grade level cohort will maintain or improve their performance on each of the New York State assessments in ELA and mathematics for grades 3 through 8, while the instructors work toward the elimination of all scores of one by students taking these tests.

4.  Continue the implementation of the District’s Wellness Policy throughout all grade levels by using nutritional materials available from the USDA and New York Stat Education Department.