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Magician/songwriter spreads positive message to Harry Hoag students

“You need to have the thought in your mind that each person has magic inside.”

So said magician/songwriter Jeff Blum during an assembly at Harry Hoag Elementary school on Wednesday morning.

MusicBlum visited the school not only to share a positive message at the assembly, but he also led three 30-minute workshops during the afternoon where he and the students wrote and sang an original song (using some of the themes from the assembly).

“When you are nice to people and compliment them, they are nice to you,” he said in between magic trips during the assembly.

“A bully is someone who treats you like you don’t have magic inside. And when you bully someone, you try to make them feel bad about themselves.”

During each of the workshops, Blum asked the students for some key words to form the basis of the song (think “magic,” “inside,” and “respect”) and wrote lyrics with lots of suggestions from the students. When they finished the lyrics, Blum played the songs with both guitar and drum accompaniments.

He even brought up a few students to sing back-up.

“Stand up for yourself and others and be the one, take a stand and you’ll get the job done,” he sang during the last workshop. “Respecting your friends can be so much fun.”