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Tie dye project at Harry Hoag helps celebrate diversity

On the first day of school at Harry Hoag Elementary, about 22 fourth grade students took turns creating tie dye shirts as part of a lesson on diversity. Whenever the students had a trait in common (such as being nervous on the first day) they sprayed a color on the shirt. For each question, some students applied colors, while some did not. TieDye

At the end of the lesson, the students noticed that although they shared some of the same qualities, they were also unique.

“The kids had a great time, and it was a fun first day activity,” said teacher Amy Bartholomew. “The kids got to take the shirts home and see the finished product.”

The lesson started with a poem written by teacher Jade Van Gorder called “Let’s Build a Rainbow.” The students analyzed the poem, which echoed the theme of diversity.

The first stanza read: “Each student in this class, will have a unique glow. Like the individual colors, of a magnificent rainbow.”

The lesson was also an example of co-teaching in the district, where Mrs. Van Gorder (who teaches general education) and Mrs. Bartholomew (who teaches special education) shared teaching responsibilities.