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Jr./Sr. High School News

Fort Plain life skills class prepares students for next step

One day you might see them making pizza. Life Skills

On another, you might see them cleaning the fitness center at Fort Plain Jr./Sr. High School. And on another, you might see them working in the Fort Plain Library.

The eight students in the life skills class at Fort Plain Jr./Sr. High School partake in various activities and lessons aimed at giving them the skills to prosper in the world after graduation.

Taught by Lisa Petty, the class includes students from grades 7-12 and incorporates lessons from science and math to social studies and health throughout the day. For example, the students take a vocabulary test every week and also learn basic math (think balancing money and menu math). The students stay in the life skills room (which features a kitchen) for most lessons and leave only for gym, music and lunch.

Life SkillsMrs. Petty says the class prepares students for a job after graduation and also boosts confidence.
“One of our students works in the cafeteria and another is in charge of the laundry there,” she said. “And the other day, we all prepared a brunch for the administration. The students learned how to set a table.”

The classroom also features a chore list where the students have jobs like sweeping the floor or washing the chairs.

“We try to incorporate lessons into everything,” Mrs. Petty said. “We’ve had a very good year.”
Senior Annie Martin says she enjoys the class and hopes the skills she learns will eventually help her in her career.

“I want to work with kids,” she said. “I’ve learned a lot here.”