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Fort Plain Jr./Sr. High students utilize mobile computer lab for writing project

As teachers in the Fort Plain Central School District to continue to implement the Common Core State Standards and focus on building essential skills, some new tools and technologies are proving to be effective according to one teacher. Lab cart

For a sophomore English writing project at Fort Plain Jr./Sr. High School, English teacher Mary McCall is using a mobile computer lab cart, featuring 30 laptops and a printer. That means, when her class comes in to work on their writing project, she hands each student a laptop.

“It’s exceptionally handy. You don’t lose time moving your class. They come in, I give them a computer and they start working,” she said. “And they seem to be a lot more focused.”

Mrs. McCall’s class just finished a unit on gender and stereotypes, which culminates with a research paper. She charged students with picking a topic, use two to three sources to support it, and writing about four pages.

“The paper is just one goal. It’s all about finding good research and being able to use it properly to find a document. The whole inquiry process aligns with Common Core. In the piece, I ask them to make claims and support it with evidence,” she said.

“Gender is a good topic. It’s a foundational thing to examine without judgment. Those things influence everything you read or experience. And the issue gets the students involved, and it’s interesting to them.”

Sophomore Brandy Walters said she finds the project interesting and likes the convenience a mobile lab cart brings to the class.

“We don’t have to go to the library to do this. We have all the materials we need right in the classroom,” she said.

“The entire project is really interesting too because it’s good to see different views in society and how stereotypes have changed throughout history.”

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