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Fort Plain mock trial team advances to Regional Tournament

The Fort Plain Jr. /Sr. High School mock trial team recently advanced to a regional tournament scheduled for April 26 in Warren County after winning a county tournament against three other local schools at the Fonda Courthouse on March 24. The team won both times it competed.

A mock trial is a hands-on exercise where students learn about the American justice system and the mechanics of litigation. The competition also aims to create better informed citizens by emphasizing ethics, civility, and how to be zealous but courteous.

Every year, the New York State Bar Association sends a fictional case - written by real attorneys - to schools. The case book includes an outline, evidence, affidavits, pictures, reference information, rules and other information. During the "trial," students put together the prosecution (which includes opening and closing statements and cross-examinations) and are scored on a scale of 1-5.

Fort Plain coach and history teacher called the team’s performance “excellent”.

“They improved so much since we started getting this going. Their dedication has really shown,” she said. “They were very well prepared and knew what they needed to do in the courtroom.”

This year’s participants include Beth Doxtater, Lesly Hazzard, Travis Herringshaw, Jillian Palmer, Edward Rolle, Gene Ryan, Mackenzie Stevens, Brianna Swartz, Michael Thomas, Robert Thomas, Kenny Travis, and Robert Weller.

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