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Douglas C. Burton

Superintendent of Schools

25 High Street

Fort Plain, NY 13339




Student Council

Purpose, Activities

     Student Council provides a democratic forum in which students can address those school-related issues which affect their lives. The Council maintains a continuous communication channel from students to faculty, administration, and Board of Education, as well as among students within the school.

     The Council offers a year-long program of social functions and community involvement projects for students. The Council also trains students in the duties and responsibilities of good citizenship, using the school environment as a primary training ground.

     Faculty advisors are Lisa Trembley and Kathie DeKalb.

Calendar of Events

For a list of events, click here.

SCOfficers 2012-13

President: Jocelyn Arndt

Vice-President: Tim Wolfe

Secretary: Allehah VanLoan

Treasurer: Joseph Ray

Public Relations: Elizabeth Hubbard



Class representatives

Grade 7  

Jasmine Bates
Eliza Cechnicki
Allysa Nellis
Emile Swank                           

Grade 8     

Zoe D’Arcangelis
Jamie Lambert
Julia Stockwell
Lexi Veitch                        

Grade 9         

Andrew Hanifin
Travis Herringshaw
CheyAnn Walters                     

Grade 10      

Kyleigh Empie
Lesly Hazzard
Chelsea Shultis
Tabetha Strobel                     

Grade 11                           
Joshua Cechnicki
Shawna Cotton
Lindsay Countryman
David Wilday        

Grade 12  

Jamie Fredericks
Erin Nellis
Kristy Richardson 



Dance/Event Request

Facilities Use Form

Fund-raising Activity Request Form   

Outside groups, please notify the Council so you can get the most out of your fund-raiser. We want to avoid conflicting activities!

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